Media Team

This is a link to the WestfieldPEdept media team blog i have created.

The media team that i have set up at school is run by a group of students from across all years. The purpose is to provide the local community, parents students, teachers with up to date information on everything that is going on in school.

Through developing the school media team we can further enthuse pupils to work, celebrate their successes, reward outstanding pieces of work and provide information for people by publishing all this on our blog page

The media team currently has 46 members signed up, each with a preferred role dependent upon their skills and experience. The students have been split up into small groups and assigned a year group to cover. The students are solely responsible for the looking after the blog and keeping it up to date with all sorts of information from events going on in and around school to match reporting at extra curricular fixtures.

The roles within the media team:

Blog administrator – involved in updating the blog (e.g. putting match reports on the blog)

Journalists – write match reports on various events, responsible for interviewing.

Cameramen – video matches for use in creating highlights for displaying in school or on the blog

Photographers – to photograph various events

Video Editors – to edit video footage and create highlights for displaying in school or on website

Editors – editing match reports written by younger students


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