QR Codes In PE

qr code in action

Recently we have started to see more and more of these QR codes appearing all around us, shops, restaurants, magazines.

What are they?
QR stands for quick response, they are a form of barcode, that links you instantly (when scanned) to a document, image or website.

How can they be beneficial to teaching?
With Ofsted now stating they want to see more independent learning taking place within lessons, it got me thinking as to how this could be best achieved.

I have been using the QR codes in a number of ways providing resources for students to use within lessons that focus on developing specific skills within lessons. These resources meet each Learning style (VAK) through the clear text, pictures and QR code that links to visual demonstrations of the skill being carried out on YouTube.

Students can work independently on developing thier own skills through the learning resource, I try to provide resources with at least 3 differentiated QR code tasks on the sheets, this enables students to work at thier own pace and at thier own desired level.

How have students taken to the QR codes?
I have found with the two groups so far I have introduced these worksheets too, they have responded and taken to the QR concept extremely well, the students are instantly hooked at the innovative way they can go about thier own learning. Some students naturally work through the resources quicker than others, however thier is no limit to the ampunt of activities you could place on the resource.


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