YST Conference 2012

tumblr_m0801wT0iQ1r6qn0mMe and Nath

On February 8th and 9th 2012, I attended the Youth Sports Trust Sports college conference and it was by far the best conference on PE I have attended. The conference contained small workshops, sometimes practical, facilitating lots of innovative practice and ideas to be shared which had actually been used in physical education departments.

It was inspirational to see how other sports colleges were working to increase achievement and attainment as well as address the new national curriculum. As well as how they were using sport to inspire achievement in other curriculum subjects and I came away with many ideas of how we could be doing this in the future.

There were also some really good exhibitions at the conference, including new equipment for use in the playground, courses that could be run with pupils, educational trips to different parts of the country and countries.

On Thursday night we attended the Sports College Gala Dinner and I was in the company of some of our sporting hero’s, who have represented our country and will be doing so at the London Olympics and Para Olympics. We also had the opportunity to see which schools won the innovation awards this year. I think the challenge for me and the department I work in now is to see our school name up on the screens next year as winners of one of the innovation awards. Another proud moment for me on the night was seeing a student who I taught last year win the National Young Persons award.

I think this conference has shown me that there are no boundaries to what can be achieved!


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