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Great new App for PE linking to Numeracy @PEgeeks


The New National Curriculum For Physical Education in Pictures


Guardian Article

Click here to see my article for the Guardian on how my career has developed.

Teach, Do, Review


GCSE PE revision using QR codes!!
Teach, Do, Review!!

As the students arrived to my lesson i explained to them they had three options for todays session, TEACH, REVIEW or DO.
If the students felt that they were really unsure about the topic they had to move to the TEACH group. Here I would would work with them and teach the material again. If the students felt that they were reasonably confident on the topic but maybe needed to deepen their understanding they were going to go to the DO group and do a number of activities using revision posters with attached QR codes to facilitate independent learning. Finally if they were really confident on the topic and knew everything they possibly could, they would go to the REVIEW group to have a go at an exam paper.


Proud to have taught this young man

Proud to have taught this young man