Shaun Dowling @ShaunD10 – Head of Raising Achievement (Youth Sport Trust)

“Ben’s work for the Youth Sport Trust has had an incredible impact on the day-day practice of colleagues around the country. Not only has he completely embraced technology in his own lessons, but he has been completely open to sharing his work with others. This has included through social media, presentation to schools and national workshops, including at our national conference. One delegate told me Ben’s workshop was “phenomenal” – what more can I say? Westfield school won the Innovation Award for the Outstanding PE Department, and Ben’s developmental work within ICT and PE was a significant contribution to that success”.

Andrew Martin @11andymartin – Head of Physical Education (Passmores Academy)

“Ben recently visited our school to deliver a departmental inset on the uses of ICT within PE. Within such as short space of time he enthused and motivated my staff to embed the use of ICT within their lessons, this is in line with the Outstanding criteria from OFSTED. So that the students become more engaged to learn independently. The buzz it has created from staff who have been constantly sharing ideas and good practice to students asking if they could use the iPads or the QR codes again. I truly believe that Ben has a huge amount to offer and he is willing to share this to improve T&L but far more importantly students lifelong learning from sports”.

Phil Dalowsky @phillyneville – Director of Specialisims (The St Lawrence Academy)

“The work Ben has been doing with new technologies in the classroom is some of the best classroom practice i have seen. Ben visited St Lawrence and shared a whole variety of teaching resources and innovative classroom ideas with the PE department, the work he has done is staggering. He is without doubt raising the bar significantly in terms of how he is not only raising the aspirations of students but also the teaching staff he works with. The highly engaging and interactive technologies he uses to raise standards have been shared with our Academy and have been implemented within our own PE department and demonstrated during staff INSET sessions whole school to encourage greater innovation across all subjects. His methods of delivery are both engaging and inspirational”.

A pleasure to work with and share ideas.

@SubjectSupport – Online training courses and CPD

“Ben has been involved delivering online training courses with Subject Support since November 2012, the course content and delivery methods he uses are excellent, the course delegates are engaged and active throughout the sessions. The feedback Ben’s twilight sessions receive is of the highest standard with every delegate praising his work and ideas, stating they feel inspired to develop his ideas within their departments. Ben has been a great asset to Subject Support and long may it continue”.

April Wright @WrightPe – Head of Physical Education (The Trinity Catholic School)

“Ben has shared some fantastic resources with me regarding the Comic Life app and given me lots of ideas to go away and create me own. Very quick to respond via email having tweeted, Ben is willing to share his ideas for the better of others and pupil learning; a fantastic fellow tweacher. I also really enjoy reading Ben’s blog, his outstanding PE lesson post was shared with my department immediately as an inspiration to us all to push the limits of how we teach”

Sharon Abbott @elaronndy – Teacher of PE (Horizon Community College)

This course, led by Ben Leonard @PEeducator, was one of the best and most useful courses I have attended in my 30 years of teaching. The main reason for this was Ben’s obvious enthusiasm for Physical Education as well as knowledge of ICT. Put these together and we were offered a day full of practical ideas which work in a practical environment.

Throughout the day we were given snapshots of how modern technology was embedded into the PE Curriculum without taking away from the physical side of Physical Education.

Ben used a whiteboard and an Apple TV & I Pad to demonstrate and give real examples of how 21st century technology can be used by pupils in lessons as well as support staff in the teaching learning and monitoring of progress of students.
I would highly recommend you look up this young man because if he can inspire an old fashioned PE Teacher like me who is worried that the physical is being taken out of Physical Education then he will restore your faith and get you in touch with 21st century learners.

Tom Williams @MrWilliams_PE – Teacher of PE (Redcar Academy)

I had the great pleasure of visiting Ben on his home turf at Westfield Sports College. To see first hand the impact technology is having on students engagement and passion for PE was fantastic. Ben really does practise was he preaches. I am so used to CPD being very much about listening and not being able to try. Ben delivered a session where we were trying everything ourselves, downloading the latest apps, and chatting with pupils who are engaged with these technologies on a weekly basis. To see how far technology has gone in their school in such a short space of time is really inspiring and is something I can’t wait to implement in my own personal teaching pedagogy but also trying to embed into our whole school vision.

Richard Mintoft @richmintoft – Teacher of PE (Forge Valley)

Superb CPD training,a real eye opener in using ICT to develop PE and the positive effects this can have on teaching and learning. A well put together course full of originality and inspiring ideas. Can’t wait to implement some of the ideas in to my department.


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